From stress to success - develop resilience and control your stress

RDPI stress to success
Stress seems to be a major factor in life these days - whether at work or during our own time.

Stress can be positive if we learn how to use it to our advantage. The Hungarian endocrinologist, János 'Hans' Selye, coined the term 'eustress' (eu = good / well + stress) to differentiate it from the negative, destructive type.

Stress is recognised as a major heatlh problem and is associated with depression, ulcers, heart attacks and strokes, to name but a few. It is therefore critical that we recognise the causes of stress and how we can manage our reaction to them. Nothing in itself is stressful - it is our reaction to things that causes us to become stressed.

When we learn about the causes of stress in our lives and how we respond to them, we can move forward and take control so that we can harness the energy to our advantage. We can 'insulate' ourselves against stress, whilst preserving the 'good stress' that gives us that edge and positive energy to achieve more.

What you will learn ...

  • understand that stress can be positive - if you want it to be!
  • identify situations and things that cause you stressful reactions
  • learn the signs and symptoms of your stressful reactions
  • identify where you can change situations to avoid stress in the future
  • plan how to change your reaction to situations you cannot change to avoid stress
  • create a personal action plan

As a manager or leader, it is also important (and your responsibility) to watch our for and recognise stress in your team members. Once you have mastered your own stress, you will be able to help others and to understand and deal with their issues so that they and the team performs to their maximum ability.

Recognise the factors in life that give you stressful reactions. Take control of them and turn that stress into positive energy and use it to achieve more and be more effective.