Women in leadership

RDPI women in leadership
RDPI "Women in leadership" is a leading training programme for women in business, which has been running for many years. The changes and progress witnessed from attendees have been phenomenal.

The five days offer you an opportunity to step back and press the pause button, to take time on you and where you want to go, not just your current role.

Days one and two present the chance to concentrate on you, as a woman in the world, not simply an employee or woman entrepreneur. These days give you the gift of inner reflection, together with skills to discard any 'baggage' that might be getting in the way of you being the best version of yourself every day.

After a break of two, three or four weeks, we then get you ready to take the enhanced and fine tuned 'you' back into the world of business. We look at: your communication skills; your personal brand; influencing and negotiation, how to deal with potential saboteurs; how to retain your authentic feminine power in a very male dominated business world; creating your perfect pitch and many other topics.

Programme outline

Days 1 and 2 - Enhance your success

Day one
  • Capturing talent: Acknowledge how fabulous you are
  • Success: What does it mean to you?
  • Values and beliefs: What drives you in your life?
  • Energy givers and drainers: Are you giving power away?
  • Head tapes: Get inside your own head
  • Limiting beliefs: Are you doing anything to get in your own way?
  • Motivation: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Day two
  • Presentations: Witnessing your brilliance
  • Strengths and perceived challenges: Finding your qualities
  • Mind mapping: Using right brain creativity for problem solving and goal setting
  • Assertiveness: What is it and why bother?
  • Personal branding: Ensuring you present the best version of 'you' every day

Days 3 to 5

Day three
  • Leadership: What does it look like?
  • The elements of emerging leaders: What are people looking for?
  • Your next step forward: A strategic plan
  • Creating your perfect pitch: Engage your client, line manager, colleagues and get instant 'buy in'
  • Raising your profile: Successful and focussed networking for mutual benefit

Day four
  • Enhancing communication: How to make the elegant communication shifts to speak everyone's language
  • Personality profiles: Discover your dominant thinking style to understand yourself and others better
  • A voice with impact: Practical tips and live experience to fine tune your voice to ensure you speak with confidence and authority

Day five
  • How to be a female leader in a male environment: Retaining your authentic feminine power in a male-dominated business world
  • Masks we wear: Exploring the unconscious 'masks' we can adopt in life, recognising your mask and how to make appropriate changes
  • Influencing and negotiation: Using your natural feminine character traits to create successful outcomes
  • Conflict management: How to deal with saboteurs and retain your power
  • Translating your vision into reality: Where are you going, and how are you going to get there?
  • Actions: What are you taking away from the five days?