Media and communications - learning the skills and techniques

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In a nutshell ...

All good leaders and managers know that communications make the difference between success and failure - whether it is internal communications with colleagues and staff or external with the media, analysts, specialist publication, shareholders and the public at large.

Your and your organisation's media image are becoming ever-more critical to success. This one day programme will give you the skill set to ensure that your key messages are communicated clearly and effectively.

Who is this programme ideal for?

This programme is ideal for leaders and prospective leaders who recognise that it is essential to be pro-active in developing and maintaining a good image for themselves and their organisation. Whether you are experienced or new to dealing with the media, this tailored course is ideal to take you to the next level and boost your confidence and competence.

What will you achieve?

As each programme is tailored to the specific needs of our clients, your personal achievements will be dependant upon those specific needs and your level of experience. You can expect to take your skills to the next level and learn how take control of the interview, answer difficult questions and get your key messages across effectively.

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