The communications jigsaw - piecing it together for success

How we develop others will depend on where we sit on the whole brain thinking grid ...

  • Bottom Left Brain people will develop others from becasue it is the right thing to do
  • Top Left Brain people will develop others because it will generate new ideas in the team, or because for them to achieve their bigger picture goal it is essential
  • Bottom Right Brain people will develop others because they care about realising an individual's potential
  • Top Right Brain people will develop others because it is fun and requires skill

RDPI - communications jigsaw

What do you value most?

  • Spontaneity, fun, excitement, skill and courage?
  • Other people, human potential, caring and good communication?
  • Ingenuity, intelligence, explanations, the big picture and perfection?
  • Practical answers, details, being on time, family and tradition?

What you will learn ...

Whole brain thinking programmes improve your workplace culture by training leaders, managers and team to recognise their greatest strengths and create a more collaborative business environment.

By implementing Whole brain thinking programmes, you will see individual performance improved, workplace and personal stress reduced, greater levels of employee satisfaction, a more harmonious work environment and more successful leaders and teams.

This programme is ideal for people who want to create win - win outcomes with their communications and business relationships. It is for people who have career goals and wish to raise their profile using balanced thinking and communication techniques, ensuring that they are noticed for the right reasons.

You can download a copy of our full course brochure [PDF format] here