Impact management - how to make the right impression

People may have the skills, the experience and the personality to go far, but unless they look the part they could be going nowhere.

In this very visual world, we are influenced first and foremost by what we see. Our outer appearance needs to reflect what's on the inside - our values, our personality and, crucially, our leadership expertise.

Impact Management and Personal Branding are a sound preparation for setting an emotional and physical climate for success. A working wardrobe should be thought of as a basic work skill - not as an optional extra.

  • What are the things we see in a person?
  • What judgements might we then make about them?
  • How might these judgements affect our decisions about them and our actions towards them?

Is this superficial or profound? The moment we see someone we form an opinion about them. This process happens unconsciously and instantly. Our appearance and dress may be superficial, but the value judgements we make based on these visual data, can be fundamental.

What you will learn

In 21st century business, success increasingly depends on networking. You must ensure that your personal brand makes you look believable in the role you hold or the role you are working towards.

Impact Management and Personal Branding plays a key part in making the most of your human capital by advising on:

  • Achieving personal impact and professional presence
  • The appropriate business image
  • Impression management
  • The complete professional image

You can download a copy of our full course brochure [PDF format] here