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RDPI Midlife Matters
As we approach the potentially most dynamic phase of our lives, our bodies go through some changes which can affect our overall well-being. To help us navigate this exciting time, we have a selection of half-day workshops and one-to-one coaching:Join the conversation - follow us and make your voice heard on ...
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Menopause demystified

This half-day session is for any woman who is interested in finding out more about the menopause, how it affects them and how they can support themselves during this life transition.

The interactive session will enable participants not only to learn, discuss and exchange knowledge and information, but also to embrace this life transition and emerge more focused, stronger and with increased confidence.

Course outline:
  • Menopause questionnaire exploring the variety of possible experiences
  • Potential impact on personal and professional life
  • Explanation of the menopause, the changes and why they happen
  • How to support yourself during this life phase
  • Getting back in touch with your brilliance
  • The way forward

Mastering Male Midlife

the time of your life
This half-day session is for any man who is interested in how the changes that occur in midlife might be affecting them and what to do about it!

The interactive session enables participants not only to learn, discuss and exchange knowledge and information, but also to embrace this life transition and emerge more focused, stronger and with increased confidence.

Course outline:
  • Exploring the variety of potential experiences (questionnaire)
  • Possible impact on personal and professional life
  • A discussion of the changes and why they happen
  • A special look at testosterone
  • How to support yourself during this life phase
  • A look at the importance of good nutrition and exercise
  • Maintaining your well-being
  • Stress, resilience and mental health
  • Resources

Supporting women during the menopause

the time of your life
This half-day session is for managers, people who work with, or are in contact with, anyone who might be experiencing changes around the menopause.

The interactive session will enable participants to learn about the menopause, how it may affect teams, how to have appropriate and meaningful conversations, and how to create a supportive environment.

Course outline:
  • Positioning the menopause
  • Ethical, business and legal considerations
  • So, what is it exactly?
  • How to start that potentially difficult conversation
  • Using coaching techniques to support people
  • Resources and support available
  • Actions

Thriving together through midlife!

This half-day session is open to anyone with a partner who may be experiencing the menopausal transition, regardless of gender identification.

It is delivered by two facilitators - one female and one male - to get the best of all perspectives and drawing on their personal experiences.

Course outline:
  • The menopause - what is it exactly and what on earth is going on?
  • The 'perfect storm' - going through this life phase together and supporting each other
  • Potential experiences from the female perspective
  • Potential experiences from the male perspective
  • The possible impact on relationships
  • What not to say or do
  • What you could say and do
  • How both parties should look after themselves at this time
  • How to not only survive, but thrive, together
  • Resources for everyone

Embracing midlife

This half-day session is for everyone who is ready to step up, step out and step ahead in life - particularly those who are approaching, going through or out the other side of the midlife transition.

This interactive session will give participants the opportunity to evaluate the changes that can be experienced during this phase of life. It will give them the tools to embrace the changes and reignite their power, confidence and impact.

Course outline:
  • Discover your ikigai
  • Find out how to make relationships easier and more effective
  • Explore the benefits of being authentic and true to who you are
  • Realise the power of your personal brand
  • Unlock your full potential in the world
  • Your plan for the future

One-to-one coaching

For people who would prefer the personalised approach, we offer one-to-one coaching sessions.

The sessions are tailored to your specific needs and aspirations. Please Contact us to find out more.

Midlife Matters magazine - current issue

MM 2021:i
MM 2021:i

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Our partners

We are pleased to partner with a number of great companies that offer services, products and information - including contributions to the freebies in the 'goody bags' people like so much! We do not gain financially in any way as a result of drawing these companies to people's attention. This includes our Clinical Partners, The Menopause Clinic and The London General Practice.

The Menopause Clinic, London

The Menopause Clinic, London
Our Clinical Partners for women's health are Professor Isaac Manyonda and Mr Vikram Talaulikar from the Menopause Clinic in London's Harley Street. We collaborate with them to promote the gynaecological health of women and their physical and emotional wellbeing during the menopausal transition.

Professor Manyonda and Mr Talaulikar provide medical guidance in response to specific questions raised during our programmes and are also regular contributors to our Midlife Matters newsletter.

Click here to contact the Menopause Clinic, London to find out more.

The London General Practice

Dr Paul Ettlinger, The London General Practice
Our Clinical Partners for men's health are the London General Practice, led by Dr Paul Ettlinger. We collaborate with them to promote general health and wellbeing for men.

LGP was founded by Dr Ettlinger, one of London's most respected and well-established private doctors. It is based on Harley Street and specialises in providing a comprehensive range of healthcare, including a focus on male health. The Practice also offers corporate support and provides 24/7 services. They are also regular contributors to our Midlife Matters newsletter.

Click here to contact the The London General Practice to find out more.

Organic intimacy products from YES YES Company

Yes, Yes, Yes lubricants
It is great to collaborate with companies who have Women's Health and wellbeing at the forefront of their business. One such company is The YES YES Company which has developed a range of organic intimacy products including non-hormonal, plant-based vaginal moisturisers, lubricants and gentle intimate washes. YES products have been designed to enhance, rather than compromise vaginal health and are especially helpful for the relief of menopausal dryness

We can spend much time examining products for our body and face to ensure they are the best for our skin, but I wonder how many women transfer that thought to their intimate areas? With the hormonal rollercoaster during menopause, a leading cause of vaginal dryness, selecting the correct products and looking after our intimate health is vital.

To get 15% off your first order, quote MENOYES15. Click here to contact the YES YES Company

Organyc cotton feminine care products from Pravera

Organyc cotton feminine care
During the peri-menopause women are still menstruating, some regularly, others sporadically. Ensuring the products we use in our intimate area is crucial to support our vaginal health.

Pravera, the company that distributes Organyc in the UK, helps women protect their intimate health with their range of organic products, including cotton feminine care and intimate wash.

Click here to find out more about Organyc cotton feminine care

Midlife wellbeing supplements by Vitabiotics

Vitabiotics supplements
Vitabiotics offers a range of supplements suitable for the midlife transition. These include:

Menopace is an advanced range of menopause supplements, designed by experts to provide effective nutritional support. Optimal nutrition is important during and after the menopause where levels of specific hormones can change. Menopace Original is an effective, tried and tested one-a-day supplement of 22 nutrients scientifically formulated for during and after this period of change.

Osteocare Original is the UK's no.1 bone health formula and has been scientifically developed on the basis of the very latest research to provide a rich source of calcium and co-factors including vitamin D which helps with the normal absorption of calcium by the body. As we get older, particularly around the time of the menopause, our bone density can decrease as a result of the natural reduction in our oestrogen levels. Calcium helps to reduce the loss of bone mineral in post-menopausal women (a beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of at least 1200mg calcium from all sources). Low bone mineral density is a risk factor for osteoporotic bone fractures (in women aged 50 years and older), so it is especially important to make sure we safeguard our intake of calcium during this time.

For information about other products, please visit: vitabiotics.com.

Active Iron

Active Iron
During the peri-menopause women are still menstruating and maintaining iron levels can be a challenge.

Active Iron was developed in association with scientists at Trinity College Dublin and launched into the UK in 2016. This new patented technology uses a unique iron-whey protein complex to ensure iron is released in the small intestines, where it is more readily absorbed.
  • Clinically proven x2 the absorption*
  • Specially formulated to help prevent constipation
  • Kind even on an empty stomach
  • Helps reduce gut irritation from iron**
  • Clinically Proven to increase Iron levels
* Clinically proven twice the absorption compared to iron sulfate. Wang et al, Acta Haematologica 2017; 138: 223-232
** Wang et al, Acta Haematologica 2017; 138: 223-232

Active Iron is offering a 20% discount if you quote MIDLIFEIRON when ordering from www.myactiveiron.com.

Edible Health

Edible Health
The human body is roughly 20% protein with around one third of this being collagen protein. Collagen gives structure, strength and flexibility to all of our cells, tissues and organs. Without it, we would literally fall apart!

However, in spite of its critical role, collagen production starts declining around age 20. Bones and muscles become weaker, joints can ache and skin starts to wrinkle and sag. We may even experience inflammation, pain and leaky gut. Then, as we move through middle age, our hormones change. For men, testosterone levels can decrease and for women, oestrogen and progesterone levels change. Studies have also shown that within a few years of menopause, collagen levels can half.

It's understandable to feel disheartened as we age. But there is good news, we promise! Taking collagen can not only help balance hormones but it can also improve skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles, reduce hair loss or thinning, strengthen bones and joints, prevent the loss of muscle mass and support the lining of the womb.

At Edible Health we believe that collagen is a staple, not a supplement. We have been the best-selling collagen on Amazon UK since 2017 and our mantra is 'People Before Profits'.

Edible Health is offering a 10% discount off your first online order quoting Code RDPFIRST10 when ordering from: www.ediblehealth.com.

Red Clover by Promensil

Red clover by Promensil
Promensil are experts in menopause support, providing a range of natural red clover supplements for long-term management and a cooling spray for instant relief from hot flushes and night sweats. Red Clover isoflavones help balance female hormones by mimicking the action of oestrogen in the body, which, in turn, help support women during the menopause. Unlike other red clover supplements, Promensil is backed by over 15 years of scientific research and uses only a standardised patented extraction process to guarantee the purity and quantity of Red Clover isoflavones at the optimal levels (40-80mg).

In a survey carried out by PharmaCare on 501 women who had tried Promensil, 9 our of 10 agreed that Promensil works for them!

We are offering RDPI's Midlife Matters participants 50% off Promensil with code MIDLIFE50 at the checkout. Simply visit promensil.co.uk.

Grape Tree health foods

Grape Tree health foods
At Grape Tree you can find a wide variety of health foods, vitamins and supplements at great value prices - including prunes which can support bone density in midlife. The range includes delicious snacks and mixes, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, baking and cooking ingredients plus, sugar free confectionery. You can also shop by diet for vegan and vegetarians, or if you have an intolerance then see the growing 'free from' range.

If you love to cook, then they have a fantastic herbs and spices range where you can stock up your spice rack, or your kitchen cupboards with handy stackable pots, many of which available at 3 for 2 prices.

For feel-good foods (use MM110 for 10% off your first order - exclusive to Midlife Matters!) click here: Grape Tree

TensCare - innovative pain relief and wellbeing products

TensCare - innovative pain relief and wellbeing products
TensCare offers an unrivalled package of exercisers for the improvement of our pelvic floor muscles to help with continence and relief from bladder weakness, as well as erectile dysfunction. These are part of their innovative pain relief and wellbeing range to improve the quality of life for people of all ages.

TensCare's first 25 years have been important ones, but what matters most now is what we do next. We are committed to a continuous research and development programme, which ensures that each and every TensCare product benefits from the most advanced digital technology available.

We have an exclusive code with TensCare for their website and telephone orders: MIDLIFE25. It will give you 25% OFF on all the Pelvic floor and Kegel Exercisers (Perfect PFE, Perfect PFE men, Iease, Itouch Sure, Sure Pro, Fleur, toning balls, Elise). Make sure you quote it when ordering anything.

Click here for more information and to contact TensCare