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As part of our CSR activities in India, we are working with Shikshangram, a shelter for around 150 street children about 3 hours from Mumbai.

We have decades of experience working in the sub-continent and a passion for India. RDPI offers a wide range of programmes for all current and aspiring leaders across the country.

Tailoring things to your needs and objectives

Our series of programmes are ideal for leaders who wish to take advantage of expert mentoring and training to enhance their leadership skills and ensure they reach the pinnacle of success in the most efficient and effective way. We work with leaders and people aspiring to become effective leaders to help in all stages of their career and personal development.

Special focus on India

Our India mentoring and training are unique to each individual and each organisation.

After sitting down with our prospective client and discussing their current needs and future goals, we develop a bespoke programme to achieve their success.

We may cover:

We can also assist you with: creating sustainable diversity within your company, developing your people resulting in win / win outcomes, along with many more leadership-critical development areas.

Let us work with you, discover your needs and aspirations, help unlock your untapped potential and enable you to become the inspirational leader you want to be.

Why not e-mail us at india[at]rdp-int.com and we will get back to you to discuss how we can help.

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