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» Non-HRT treatments for menopause
09-Jun-2022 - online
Non-HRT treatments for menopause - where do they have a role? Prof Talaulikar and Prof Manyonda share current knowledge and ideas and take Q&A

» Why is HRT so controversial - debunking the myths
05-May-2022 - online
Prof Talaulikar and Prof Manyonda talk about why HRT can be so controversial and debunk some of the myths - and take questions

» Menopause, sex and testosterone
07-Apr-2022 - online
Libido and sexual matters can be affected by the menopause transition. Prof Talaulikar and Prof Manyonda talk about this important topic and take Q&A

» Some life lessons ...
08-Mar-2022 - online
Join our global panel of women online for International Women's Day 2022 talking about 'break the bias' - free to all - click title for link

» Menopause, breast cancer and HRT
03-Mar-2022 - online
The link between Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and breast cancer has long been broken. This important topic addresses the issues and the fact that HRT has a protective role in women's health and wellbeing

» Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause
03-Feb-2022 - online
Also known as vaginal (or vulvo vaginal) atrophy - an issue of the menopause. Prof Manyonda and Prof Talaulikar talk about this condition and what can be done about it

» Endometriosis and fibroids
13-Jan-2022 - online
Professor Talaluikar and Professor Manyonday talk about this important topic for women - particularly at midlife - and answer questions

» Premature ovarian insufficiency
02-Dec-2021 - online
Professor Talaulikar and Professor Manyonda share information about this seldom discussed topic and answer women's questions

» The role of personality profiling in coaching
19-Nov-2021 - online
A talk for Counter Terrorism Police about how personality profiling can help in the coaching process. The value of establishing rapport more easily and enhancing communications to messages 'land' more easily and effectively

» Male minds matter too!
17-Nov-2021 - online
An online discussion with Jay Dungeni, Deputy Chief Nurse at Guy's & St Thomas's Hospital Trust, as part of Men's Day week

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» ICE coffee - male midlife
15-Nov-2021 - online
A talk for International Men's Day week for the Metropolitan Police ICE Coffee network about male midlife - what can happen and what we can do about it

» Osteoporosis - looking after our bones
04-Nov-2021 - online
Professor Talaulikar and Professor Manyonda present the evidence that looking after our bone health becomes more important with age

» Enhancing the team (ABCD)
14-Oct-2021 - online
A talk for the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists on using personality profiling to enhance team performance, enhance communications and develop more effective leadership

» The brain and the menopause
07-Oct-2021 - online
Professor Talaulikar and Professor Manyonda explain the impact female sex hormones have on a woman's brain health

» Empower yourself during the menopause
05-Oct-2021 - online
A talk for the Civil Service College about the menopause - what may happen and how to empower yourself to take control

» CORE Matrix Facilitator Training (2 days)
10-Sep-2021 - St Leaonars, Sussex
2 day training course for new Facilitators to use the CORE Matrix in their own work

» The heart and the menopause
02-Sep-2021 - online
Professor Talaulikar and Professor Manyonda talk about the little known link between menopause and women's heart health

» HRT - when to start and for how long
05-Aug-2021 - online
Professor Talaulikar and Professor Manyonda answer the questions so many women have regarding this fundamental issue

» The importance of testosterone for women
01-Jul-2021 - online
Professor Talaulikar and Professor Manyonda discuss this 'often forgotten' sex hormone and the crucial role it has for women

» HRT and breast cancer
03-Jun-2021 - online
Professor Talaulikar and Professor Manyonda present the current data and bust the myths

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» Covid-19 and oestrogen link
06-May-2021 - online
Professor Talaulikar and Professor Manyonda kick off the first in our ongoing series of monthly talks by discussing their joint paper

» International Women's Day
08-Mar-2021 - online
A global event with 8 speakers from 8 countries and over 200 attendees from 10 countries where the speakers shared when they have 'chosen to challenge' themselves which was the theme of IWD 2021. With opening remarks from Baroness Udin

» CORE Matrix Facilitator Training
18-Mar-2020 - Eastbourne
Two day intensive training for our first cohort of CORE Matrix Facilitators

» Ikigai - your meaning and purpose
22-Nov-2019 - Eastbourne
Workshop at a special event for CEOs - how to plan your future

» World Menopause Day
18-Oct-2019 - Yorkshire
A series of workshops run throughout the day on midlife on the Menopause, Male Midlife and how organisations can support their people

» Midlife and business
17-Oct-2019 - Cardiff
A presentation to HR professionals about the effects of midlife and how organisations can support and empower their people

» TEDx - The menopause
11-Oct-2019 - London
A TEDx talk about the menopause, how it affects people and what can be done to help

» British Menopause Society Conference
03-Jul-2019 - Kenilworth
The annual BMS Conference

» Work and well-being day
10-Jun-2019 - Eastbourne
Presentation and 'stall' at the Work and well-being day - the menopause and midlife

» Promotion and Leadership Seminar
18-Jan-2019 - London
Presentation at a Promotion and Leadership seminar for Met Police Officers

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» Unlock your potential
30-Jun-2016 - Seminars, webinars and mastermid groups
An exciting course to help you unlock your potential and develop your business to the next level. Learn about the key strategies to take you from where you are today to where you want to be

» The HHL Alternative International Women's Day Conference
08-Mar-2016 - Mumbai, India
An exciting and action-packed conference bringing together a mix of inspirational speakers, training opportunities, real-life role models and networking for success

» Ethics and the City
09-Dec-2015 - House of Lords, London
Discussion meeting in the House of Lords on business ethics with a focus on the City of London

» Parliament and Human Rights
19-Nov-2015 - House of Lords, London
A meeting for young people (18-25) in the House of Lords as part of Parliament Week to hear some expert speakers and discuss Human Rights

» Hiroshima and Mayors for Peace
16-Nov-2015 - House of Lords, London
A reception for the Mayor of Hiroshima and the Secretary General of Mayors for Peace in the House of Lords to discuss the work of MfP

» The communication jigsaw
03-Nov-2015 - Mumbai, India
Making elegant shifts with balanced thinking. Most people are likely to communicate effectively with 20% of people 80% of the time. Find out how to be more effective

» The High-heeled Leader - special 'taster'
31-Oct-2015 - Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management, Mumbai
The High-heeled Leader is the global training programme for women in business. One-day taster aimed at women truly ready to step up and shine, to take full ownership of their career and be the powerful and authentic women they were born to be

» 21st Century CSR
30-Oct-2015 - Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management, Mumbai
Half-day taster session on how effective leaders use CSR strategically to maximise the benefit to all stakeholders

» The Congruent Leader
29-Oct-2015 - Mumbai, India
This one-day taster is aimed at today's global thought-leaders and game-changers and those whose careers are taking them in that direction

» We Are The City conference
26-Oct-2015 - Mumbai, India
Panel member discussing personal branding and impact management for women leaders

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» Testimony from a survivor of the Hiroshima bomb
16-Jul-2015 - House of Lords, London
Chair: An 84 year old Hibakusha (survivor of the atomic bombing) told her amazing experiences and inspirational story via Skype

» Elevate - women's network
11-Jul-2015 - Mumbai,India
The Top Ten Skills for women in business – a talk and round table discussion

» We Are the City - women's network
11-Jul-2015 - Mumbai, India
A talk on the Communication Jigsaw and how to create effortless communication

» Barclays Women's Network Group
10-Jul-2015 - Mumbai,India
Talk on the art of the emerging leader to a mixed gender audience

» EY Women's Networking Group
07-Jul-2015 - Mumbai, India
A talk on the art of rapport building and successful communication in the business arena

» Immigrant Diaries
02-Jul-2015 - House of Lords, London, UK
Chair: A slightly satirical presentation by four immigrants from different religions about their personal and family experiences followed by a serious discussion on the topic

» Women of Afrika Conference
24-Apr-2015 - London, UK
Keynote speaker - Tackling hunger in grassroots Africa

» So Conference
24-Apr-2015 - Southampton, UK
Talk for Solent University on Top Ten Skills for Women in Business

» Employability, soft skills and self-belief
18-Mar-2015 - University Centre, Peterborough
Course for undergraduate and post-graduate students

» Ukraine - past, present and future
12-Mar-2015 - House of Lords, London
Chair: Presentations from the Ukrainian Ambassador, a past UK Ambassador to Russia and a regional expert with moderated Q&A

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» Elevating Women
08-Mar-2015 - Surrey, UK
Talk at women in business conference on International Women’s Day

» Prejudice and Persecution Post Paris
10-Feb-2015 - House of Lords, London
A discussion about prejudice and persecution following the terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris

» Economic Identity of Business Women in the Arab World
20-Jan-2015 - Dubai
Are successful women behaviours driven by fundamental changes in economic identity, attitudes and values orientation?

» A Day in the Light - Dr Albert Schweitzer
11-Dec-2014 - House of Lords, London
Chair: Premiere of a ploy (A Day in the Life) discussing the life and work of Albert Schweitzer in support of Medecins sans Frontieres

» Politics - what's the point?
18-Nov-2014 - House of Lords, London
Chair: Two discussions briging young people (14-16 and 18-24) into Parliament to learn about democracy and how it works

» Stress - the cost to society
24-Jul-2014 - House of Lords, London
Chair: Stress seems to be the scourge of modern society. Who is affected and why? What are the causes? What are the effects? What is the cost to us as individuals and as a society - not only financial, but also the psychological, social and personal

» Peace - the role of nationality and religion
09-Jun-2014 - House of Lords, London
Chair: Peace - a concept? A vision? A possibility? A dream?

» SMEs - the engine for economic growth: lacking support?
12-Dec-2013 - House of Lords, London
Chair: SMEs are widely recognised as the best engine to kick-start the economy and move towards sustainable growth

» The long and winding road to "safe banking"
07-Nov-2013 - House of Lords, London
Chair: Five years after the global financial crisis hit, we take a look at the current economic and financial situation

» The economy, visas and work permits
31-Oct-2013 - House of Lords, London
Chair: The British economy benefits greatly from visiting workers and students from all around the world. A discussion about the current "state of play", ideas to ensure that the UK continues to benefit and if this is an area that can be developed

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» Japan - what the future holds
06-Mar-2012 - Tokyo, Japan
Presentation to 50 Japanese CEOs about leadership and the challenges facing Japan internationally

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