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Leadership and Management

Do you want to be a successful and respected manager or leader? Would you like to:
  • realise more of your potential?
  • communicate effectively and influentially?
  • crystallise your vision?
  • develop and extend your networks?
  • be a 21st century leader and use your values to benefit your organisation and society?
We are all unique. Our individual development paths reflect that. At RDPI, everything we offer is tailored to meet specific needs. Your goals and requirements are always at the top of our agenda.

RDPI pyramidAs people progress up the management and leadership pyramid, we work with them to develop and realise their full potential. We provide the core foundations to form a solid basis for every role, including: understanding how your mind works and those essential skills of effective public speaking and delivering presentations with impact.

We often witness great people who have been promoted to a management role, but lack the key skills to perform effectively. We work with managers, and their teams, to develop into effective and impactful contributors. We show you how to: turn stress to your advantage; become an effective coaching manager; and move effortlessly into a leadership role.

When people step into their first leadership role, it is the time to hone the skills they have been developing. To reflect their leadership ability, we work with them to motivate their people and take them from a team to a super-team. Refining their own abilities enables them to support their team(s) and reflects their leadership ability. An important part of this is taking care of your wellbeing and dealing effectively with stress and also your duty of care to team members and stepping in as required.

Leaders are often called upon to represent their organisation in public. How the organisation is perceived by customers, staff, investors, stakeholders and even competitors has never been more critical. It can have a direct effect on whether or not customers will come to you or go to competitors. For large organisations, it can have a direct effect on the share price and value of the company. The media are always on the lookout for people and organisations to target so for those at the top of their game, being able to deal with them effectively could not be more important. We provide the specialised training and support to ensure leaders deal effectively (and safely!) with the media.

Everyone recognises a true leader, the people who impact us positively and leave their mark. True leaders possess the qualities that ensure they are the natural inspirers - everyone chooses to follow them. They have a strong and focused vision which engenders trust and loyalty, they have robust self-belief and confidence and clear personal values which sets them apart from the crowd. They are excellent communicators and naturally develop potential in themselves and others. And, of course, a critical part of life is how they appear - the messages they 'give off' by the way they dress as part of their personal branding.

We work with leaders to support them with expanding into, and maximising, these qualities.

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