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Media training

This is a specialist full-day course for senior people who are already (or just about to be) dealing with the media (eg. print, radio, interviews, ...). Before the course, we discuss key issues and plan the level of the training to suit the participant(s) needs. It is delivered face-to-face by two trainers. It is suitable for groups of up to 4 and can be (and often is) delivered for a single individual wanting an intense, personalised experience to maximise their development.news

Your and your organisation's media image are becoming ever-more critical to success.

Whether you work in a company, NGO, charity or in the public sector, your personal image is vital - your career and your personal and organisation's success depend on it. Media image impacts the 'bottom line' of an organisation and its current and future credibility and reputation - as well as those of the spokesperson themselves.

What will you learn?

Seminars are tailored to your needs. They are run under strict NDA (confidentiality - from us to you and you to us!), so you can safely practise 'live issues' and matters of real concern.

newsThe best learning comes from addressing challenges and overcoming them. You will have a lot of practice, get feedback to help and develop your skills and confidence.
  • What is news?
  • What are your key messages?
  • How to prepare effectively
  • How to give an effective interview
  • How to get your message(s) across effectively
  • How to handle difficult questions and direct the interview
  • Why good media relations are critical to your organisation - and you!
Most of all, we will help you to develop your confidence and competence in a relaxed, safe and very supportive environment, so that you will go away better able to plan, prepare and take control of media interviews and similar situations when you want to be sure you get your key messages across effectively and efficiently.

Interviews are filmed and participants (only) will receive a copy and feedback for personal reference.

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